Hey, fitness people!

We all know the importance of maintaining a healthy routine, but often end up neglecting the practice of physical activities.

We will not have the dream body, the dream health if we stand waiting for it to fall from the sky! Yes, I'm calling your attention, so that you get out of inertia and go training, go exercising!

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It can start with simple things: a 10-minute walk, three times a week; it may be dancing too, I have some YouTube channel recommendations


💃💃 dance channels on YouTube

One Million
Cia. Daniel Saboya


Do a series of aerobics. You can train any part of your body (arms, legs, abdomen, butt)...


🏋 home exercise channels

Boho Beautiful


Just can't stand still. Really. Trust me. For the first few weeks you may be unmotivated, but persist. It is important to resist laziness and try to make it a habit.

You have nothing to lose and I assure you that, after three months of constant training, you will already be able to see the results and you will not want to stop taking care of yourself under any circumstances!

Seriously. Your body is your most precious possession. He's been with you since your birth and if you don't have even 30 minutes a day to take care of him, you're living wrong.

Think fondly! Take care of yourself!
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