Seriously, what? I was having a hard time trying to create some eye-catching title because seriously, you guys need to hear this.For real #notclickbait.

Let me just break the whole ideas of what I want to share so you guys won't get confused.

1. Never, under any circumstances, hold onto any promises. Of course, the power of trusting someone is in your hand, but why risk all the betrayal when you could just learn to not trust anyone? Sure, some people may break their promise unwillingly given that luck is not on their side, and this makes you feel guilty because you are thinking that he or she were forced to break the promises, thus making you feel like the bad guy over there because you are making a big deal out of promises. As hurtful as it is, I must say, it is 2019. People will get mad at you back if you are mad at them for breaking promises.

It depends on people, though. Some people naturally find it hard to trust people. But some aren't ( including me ). Despite of that, it never means that you are meant to get hurt over and over again by people around you. You should try baby steps first. By ignoring their promises or forgetting them. Distract yourself by making you feel busy so you won't remember all those words showered to you. Sweet promises can be really reassuring and make yourself feel giddy, but remember, the only one who will take care of yourself truly is yourself.

2. Never make any promises when you are happy, never make any decision when you are sad or angry. If you are in need to make a decision, have a bath first. Calm yourself down and make sure that you are in a right state of mind to make a rational decision. If you need to make a choice instantly, talk to someone you are comfortable with. Because you never know if you really are going to keep that promise. And if you don't want yourself to get hut, then don't hurt anyone around you.

3. Words can be harsh. Words are how body shaming started to formed and lower down your self esteem. But believe it or not, my therapist used to say, your brain can actually filter out any words you do not wish to hear. If you don't want any insult keeps on playing like a broken disc at the back of your mind, filter it out. It's hard at first, I have to admit. I went through like a little training with my therapist to adapt my brain to filter out words. Because I used to be extremely sensitive and fragile. And I started to study at boarding school at quite a young age so I'm not close with my parents. It's so hard to find time to call there so ranting out all of your problems and the bullying that happens to your parents would be really impossible so I opt for a therapist at my school. And she help me trained my brain to filter out those harsh words, I'm still training my brain, I still am because the outside world is far more harsher but this whole 'filter your brain thing' really help of becoming who I am today.

But I figured the best part about this is that you can still filter the things you don't want and take lessons from it, at the same time without hurting yourself. You have to admit, sometimes, there are a glimpse of truth in certain insults. So you can still filter out disgusting vocabulary they used and still use what they throw at you to become the better version of yourself.

You can try to filter out the words by distracting yourself with funny things, think about how idiotic and childish their behaviour are, and just get the words out of your head. It's hard to explain how I learn to do it but I believe you can also do it.

4. Never wait for a superhero or a prince charming to scoops you away from your misery. Honey, this is not the Victorian Era anymore and you are not a damsel in distress. In order to be saved, you need to save yourself. Build yourself a pumpkin carriage, ride a goddamn horse yourself, work hard to provide yourself. But most importantly, love and care for yourself. Wanting affection from someone is normal. But the sad truth is, you can't just demand those things from people. You can't just ask people to care for you and get all the TLC from them. These things can't be forced from people. If you want someone to care, you need to take care of yourself. Those people, your lover are just a sidekick that appreciate your existence. You need to shower yourself with love and care in this world.

Somebody once taught me that, people get hurt by the one they love because they don't love themselves first. They poured the love to someone whom they thought love them, but in the end also break them. If you love yourself before you love anyone else, you can avoid all those heartbreaks. You can see how worthy you are because you are securing yourself with love. You get heartbreak because you yearn to be love. And you thought your lover is the only one who can provide that. But you are wrong this time. It's not true. The only one who can provide yourself with all the love is you.

5. Another post I read in some post is, you are like an arrow. An arrow is pulled back before they can shoot. You are going to be in a darkness of the world before you achieve your goal. Kind of like a ' Every cloud has a silver lining' thingy. Before a rainbow must comes rain.

Okay that's it for today guys! I've been wanting to share with you all these amazing life lessons I've gained because it had help me, and I want it to help you as well. I love you, thank you for existing. Thank you for reading, I really appreciate you, okay? Good night and have a sweet dream!