Have you ever heard about optimal ageing? It’s topic that I‘ve discovered recently and I’m so happy to share with you some useful information.

Optimal ageing is about understanding our genes and how they interact with modern living, causing an acceleration or slowing down of the ageing process. It is an interesting challenge for both medicine and psychology.

The key point in optimal ageing is our optimal brain maintenance. Because brain is the first part of our body that gets injured. So, to achieve positive ageing outcomes, we should car about our brain health (including the mental). The easiest way to keep your brain healthier to follow special dietary recommendations. It includes not only a healthy diet but as well – some supplements and minerals.

For example, a cup of blueberries a day lowered blood pressure), vitamin B12, vitamin D.

Your emotional and physical health depend also on social bonding, friend’s talks, family dinners, long fresh air walks.

Wish us all optimal ageing and positive mind.

https://www.functional-medicine.associates/expertise/optimal-ageing/ https://www.functional-medicine.associates/expertise/optimal-ageing/