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Today I decided to write an article about what motivates me to workout and how I started to workout more consistently. I hope these help you too!

Try different workout classes

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Running in the gym isn`t the only option. Try different classes like barre, pilates, yoga, cycling, lifting weights, dancing, etc. Most gyms and studios offer a first free class so you can try different things until you find what you like the most. Finding a type of workout you love is awesome because when you go, it doesn`t even feel like working out, it feels like fun.

Workout with a friend or family member

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Work out with someone that will motivate you and will drag you to the gym when you don`t want to go. It makes working out a lot more fun!

Look at fitness inspiration pictures, but don`t focus to much on them

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To have goals on what you want to look like is great, because it will motivate you. But your ultimate goal should always be to become a healthier and stronger version of yourself.

Buy new workout clothes

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Buying new workout clothes can motivate you because you want to wear them! However, you don`t need to buy a lot, because I know workout clothes can be really expensive. Sometimes just a sports bra or some new leggings can do the trick.

Eat clean

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Eating clean will make you feel happier and healthier. It will also allow you to see the results from your gym sessions faster.

Love yourself first

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In the end, working out should be about loving yourself so much that you want to become stronger, faster and healthier.

Hope you enjoyed my article!

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