Hi everyone ! I'm Angela, in this article I'm gonna give you 5 Cheap ways to get in the Autumn Mood. We are broke and it's ok, we can be in the Autumn Mood too ! Yay !

Lil disclaimer : English is not my first language so if I made mistakes feel free to DM me about it, I will be glad to improve my grammar/vocabulary !

Let's start!

Going to park/forest

It's a great way to get in the Autumn Mood by being close to Nature and watch her colors changes.

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If you live near a forest or a mountain (or just in a more rural area) you can go hiking.
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In the other hand, if you live in a city you can go to a park.

Start a botanical notebook

As the Nature change it can be really fun and interesting to discover the plants around your environment. All you need is a notebook (not necessarily a fancy one) and a pencil/pen.

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You can make it more minimalist or add some art as you wish.

Go to the Library

Autumn and her weather is the best moment to read and the cheapest way to get books is to go to the library, your school's one or your town's one. For me it's a must go and for some reason we don't talk enough of it !

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+ it have a Hogwarts Vibes too !

Thrift shopping

As the weather get colder and the colors changes you probably want to ad some pieces of autumnish clothes to your clothet.
In my opinion, the cheapest way to adjust your style for this season is to go thrift shopping.

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Personnally I aesily find great pieces in thrift shop. + it's more ethical and ecofriendly.

Make or Bake your own…

Autumn is the season of Pumpkin Spice Latte, apple pie, pumpkin pie etc etc.
So instead of spending 5€ ($) or more in a piece of pie/cake or a coffee it would be more fun and cheap to make your own and have more than 1 piece of it ! I want to add that you can adjust the ingredients to your tastes to make it perfect.

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It can also be an activitie to do with your friends or family so it's 2 in 1 !

It were my 5 Cheap ways to get in the Autumn Mood, I hope you enjoyed it !
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