In our world, there are painters, chefs, sculptors, musicians, dancers, scientists. All of them somehow is an artist. Every single human on earth is. But being an artist is not always easy and sometimes you want to learn new stuff, get out of your comfort zone. Do so!
In this article I'll show you the probably easiest way to write a poem.

I. step

Collect some of your favorite quotes and quotations. They don't hve to go together, don't have to be the same topic. Simply find your favourite ones out of the internet or books or tv shows and you're almost done!

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some of my favorite quotes I'll use in this article

II. step

Now you put these quotes in an order they fit together. Not everything has to make sense but der may be a little story you're telling or a plot you create. You can also add or cross words, even change some. Try to be as creative as you can so it becomes your own piece of art more and more.
Don't be sad or feel bad if you can't use all of the quotes within one poem. You can write so many other ones and use your quotes for these!

III. step

So here you've got your own little poem. The only thing missing is your signature!
But please remember not to steal anyones work or art. You should at least change some words or the syntax.

You want to read the poem I created from the quotes up there? Here we go..

To the readers who look up at the stars and wish.
We'll never have forever so
it is to even exist.
We really could have saved each other,
escape the ordinary,
Not everything you imagine is real.
History had its eyes on us.
Unfortunately, all that glitters
is not gold.
still searching for some quotes to write your next poem? find inspiration here!

thanks for reading
XO mrswannabeawriter