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I am one of the ghosts.
Stuck in one place, doing the same routine everyday.

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I don't bother to turn on the lights anymore. I don't really need them as much as others do.

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I could sit on the porch outside, stare absentmindedly at the sky and witness the day happen in a second, and then go back inside the house and prepare myself to go to sleep.

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Sometimes, I go outside. I see the world like a vintage film. Everything moves slowly. It's beautiful, serene,... and empty.

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The people I meet come and go. Somehow, they're all a blur. I can't remember any details of them or what they look like, but I feel them. I feel their presence, and I feel when they're gone.

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I take the train and go everywhere. I walk to different places, call it an adventure, and say that it was fun. I'm not sure what I feel; my feelings are indecisive. I could only hope that I'm right when I say I'm okay.

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I like taking pictures, especially of candid moments. Nobody likes the pictures I take though. Someone told me they're empty and lacking, that I need to focus on one subject and be more creative on how to make it look good. I guess they see it that way because they can't see what I'm trying to capture. I don't mind though. What really matters is that the pictures I take means a lot to me.

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I do most things in life alone. I don't have problems with people. I just prefer to be alone. People keep telling me things; things that are obvious and unnecessary to be said out loud. They tell me I'm sad, quiet, that I need to go out more, be more open, be more loud. It seems like they're trying to change me and see me transform into becoming one of them. I don't want to go around town, pass out from drinking instead of sleeping, and waste my youth doing reckless, meaningless things. I don't care what they say, but I seem to stress them out just by being myself, that's why I prefer to be alone.

I'm okay, being one of the ghosts...

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It's okay to be your odd unique self.


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