I may start doing these every other month if it goes well :)
-mostly alternative/indie music

☆ fuck it i love you -lana del rey
☆ chastain -del water gap
☆ sanctuary -joji
☆ the less i know the better -tame impala
☆ samo is now -WILLOW
☆ fault lines -rosie tucker
☆ wishful thinking -BENEE
☆ where does the time go -rich brian, joji
☆ summertime in paris -jaden, WILLOW
☆ dirty AF1s -alexander 23
☆ water fountain -alec benjamin
☆ december -neck deep
☆ believe (cover) -DMA'S
☆ kids -current joys
☆ sinking -clairo
☆ in the morning with you -the money war
☆ dance monkey -tones and I
☆ ETA? (80s love song) -nanu
☆ comfort crowd -conan gray
☆ summer depression -girl in red
☆ junk of the heart (happy) -the kooks

message me for the link to the spotify playlist ♡
-thanks for reading