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We are all idolizing different couples, whether they are popular or not. And there are things we like about them. Things such as their relationship, their thoughts, their way of talking to each other, things they do together, and many more. What I meant by idolizing is, we want OUR relationship to have at least some of those similarities.💚

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Who I personally idolize are Marzia&Pews. Cute couple. Weebs. Gamers. Youtubers. After 8 years, they finally got married. I cried after watching their wedding movie which Pews posted on his YT channel. They were adorable. Marzia was gorgeous and Pews never looked better. Pews also hit 100,000,000 subscribers on his channel and I can only say I'm proud of you 9-year-olds💚

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Photos few days before the actual wedding 💙

Since I've been playing games whole my life, I've always wanted to find someone just like me. Someone who shares the same opinion about world, about people, about everything in general. Thankfully, more than a year ago, I found myself a guy who I love more than anything. I've never been happier.

I want to know about your idols. Your loved ones. Your exes. Let's talk💚

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I wanna start streaming soon too, I wanna play games with you, laugh, share opinions, I wanna chase my dreams, and I'd love if you guys could help me with it, I'll put a link here -

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