disclaimer: if your crush does some of these things he or she may not like you back everyone is different ♡

body language

♡ > they might touch/try to fix their hair often

♡ > try to look for you even in a crowded room ( + quickly glance away when you see them )

♡ > lick/bite their lips ( nervous/ self conscious reaction)

things they say

♡ > tease you ( not to the point of making you feel bad! )

♡ > they might try to involve you in conversations the most / ask you questions

♡ > use any excuse to start a conversation (homework, term dates, holidays)


♡ > they might start to put more noticeable effort into how they look

♡ > new cologne/ deodorant ( especially if you have said you like it! )

♡ > might try to adapt to your style ( similar colours/ brands )


♡ > smile more often when you're talking

♡ > always laugh if you're trying to say something funny ( i think we're all guilty of this smh )

♡ > might stumble over their words when talking (although some appear to become more confident! )

when they talk to you

♡ > broaden their shoulders/ try to appear taller ( macho, yes, even in 2019 )

♡ > offer you their help with work/ offer some of their food/gum (which soon goes to everyone tbh )

♡ > they might say something like 'this was fun we should do it again sometime' after talking - shows they really did enjoy it