“The day was blossoming into a truly lovely example of autumn... the air was crisp, but the sun was warm”Sarah J. Maas

Hi guys! Welcome back!
Today I'll present to you a few reasons why you should embrace and fall in love with this season! Enjoy!

you can stay inside more

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image autumn, coffee, and fall image
No, really, I consider this season to be the best one for introverts!

warm drinks are the best

autumn, coffee, and fall image book, autumn, and coffee image

the rain outside is peaceful

autumn, fall, and rain image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image

scented candles smell amazing

candle, autumn, and fall image autumn, candle, and sweater image

creative makeup ideas

autumn, beauty, and fall image autumn, beauty, and fall image

awesome movies to watch

autumn, Halloween, and fall image Halloween, autumn, and fall image

fall leaves!!

autumn, fall, and leaves image aesthetic, autumn, and fall image

cozy, warm clothes

aesthetic, warm, and autumn image autumn, girl, and fall image

traditional food & drinks

autumn, fashion, and latte image autumn, book, and coffee image

Halloween can be fun

black, orange, and Halloween image autumn, forest, and nature image

more time to read

book, harry potter, and light image Temporarily removed

the power of boots!

Image by ❀мєяɪєм❀ black, boots, and style image

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