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Name: Arielle
Surname: Le Mans
Date of birth: April 16th, 1995 in Bordeaux, France.

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Stage actress.

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Curly brown hair, brown eyes, medium height, tan skin

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Arielle started studying drama when she was 14, and started her career at 16 when she did her first professional play in her hometown. After participating in many plays, she moved to New York when she was 19 to try to get a place in Broadway. Arielle got the part of Éponine Thénardier in Les Misérables being it her first Broadway musical. She also played Satine in Moulin Rouge and Velma Kelly in Chicago. She debuted as a voiceover actress dubbing Belle in the french version of the Beauty and The Beast live action and she came back for a few months to her home country to film a Netflix drama movie.

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Simple, basic colors and a lot of denim

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Red carpet:

Elegant, classy

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Jonah McKeen:

A stage actor from New York, they met in the rehearsals of Les Misérables where he was playing Marius, and Arielle was playing Éponine. They started being good friends but after sharing lots of moments on-stage and backstage, they fell in love for each other.

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Estelle Andrepont:

A french college student and Arielle's childhood friend. They met in elementary school and they've been friends since then. They try to see each other very often travelling between Bordeaux and New York. She's studying to be a journalist and works as an intern in a fashion magazine.

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Faith Miller

A stylist from England who moved to New York for work. She was working as a stylist for Broadway musicals when she met Arielle. They are very good friends and they enjoy working and watching movies together.

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