Hello people!

Today has been a good day, nothing out of extraordinary. I had some homework I started working on and then studied a little. Also I didn't use my phone that much because honestly the headaches are terrifyingly awful and I should take care of myself.

I was looking at some drawings I did like three years ago and now I am all nostalgic and shit because I haven't drawn in so long. They are so fucking pretty and like...yeah I officially lost my drawing abilities but I still want Procreate and and iPad.

Day 27: Create an Original Character of your own

This is the thing. I have a binder filled with story concepts and therefore with characters fully developed. What I did was to go down memory lane and read every single character-developments paper and chose one. I have this concept of witches living in a swamp with a human bounded servant. One is called Pandora, the other one is called Carmela and the servant is called Taj.

Today I am going to introduce you guys to Carmela because I am going to use Pandora for a challenge here in We Heart It! So lets get into it...

Her name is Carmela Torak, she is 213 years old and was born in Montana. She comes from the city of Bozeman which is a small city in the state filled with pine trees and beautiful mountain sights. She then moved to Massachusetts

She has tan skin for all the work in her shared garden. She has bright green eyes and is a fake ginger, her original hair color is blond. She has tons of freckles covering her face, chest, arms and back. She is kind of short about 5,1 feet tall and is not skinny nor thick. She is an in between.

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She is a very social girl who makes friends in a wink of an eye. She is nice, humble and very selfless. Carmela is known for being a hard worker and is used to getting her job done as soon as possible. She is a complete extrovert and a really sweet girl.

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Carmela is a Garden Witch. She specializes in everything that has to do with natural medicine and plant properties. Fertility in every sense of the word is something that comes with this witches, everything they touch comes to life.
Magic Symbol: Runes tattooed with henna all over her hands and feet.

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Carmela and Pandora were lucky to find an uncovered spot in the middle of the swampy forests in Florida. The place where their wooden cottage is located is in a circular space surrounded by trees, perfect to stay away from humans. They have a front garden in which Carmela practices her Garden Witch skills and a shed filled with human tools.

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Carmela's parents died when the British stablished permanently in Massachusetts and the Salem Witch Trials were a thing. She has no one left. Her familiar Arkadaş (friend in Turkish) is a white snake that helps keeping pests and magical creatures away from Carmela's plants, she is also extremely shy but friendly with strangers. Just like her owner.

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One word: BOHEMIAN. Long skirts and bralettes, lots of bright colors and beautiful bandanas, presents from Pandora. She likes going barefoot while she works in the garden and when she is inside the house. Carmela has shoulder length hair and most of the times she has a ponytail with flowers.

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Carmela's best friend is Pandora. They met each other in Witch School when Pandora was the only one who volunteered to help Carmela in the making of Gardening Club seeing that no other student wanted to join. They have been very close ever since.

Taj is Carmela and Pandora's bounded servant. He was lost in the middle of the woods since he stumbled upon a Spell Trap made by Pandora. Carmela found him terrified in the woods, she took him home, took care of him and accidentally made the ritual of the Bounded Servant...Lets just say Carmela got yelled out by a cute boy and jinxed by her best friend.

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  • She talks to Pandora's mom every week even though Pandora forbid her to do so.
  • She has a crush on Taj.
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