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This is a long article so grab a snack and make tea.

Today as you see by the title i'm going to do an inspired fashion and makeup from the show Euphoria.

I got inspired for this articles so a big shout out and love to them.


drugs, euphoria, and hbo image euphoria, zendaya, and rue image
Rue tend to use tye dye and oversize clothes specially shirts and hoodies, in the show they go for a "masculine" look using blazers, pants , shorts without any jewelry but Rue also use a lot of crop tops, biker shorts and mesh tops .For shoes Rue tend use the classic black converse.
aesthetic, aesthetics, and hoodie image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and black image style, fashion, and girl image fashion, girl, and model image Bershka, black, and body image


euphoria and Jules image euphoria image
Jules in the show use a lot of pastels colors, different from Rue she's super girly in her clothes. Jules tends to use many fluid and transparent fabrics, like tulle skirts, mesh tops and dresses, in accessories Jules use mini backpacks and chokers, for shoes she likes chunky shoes and boots.
aesthetic, pink, and green image aesthetic, boots, and fashion image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It Abusive image angel, fashion, and outfit image


euphoria, maddy perez, and alexa demie image aesthetic, euphoria, and fashion image
Maddie style in the show is very girly and sexy,she tend to use tight and sheer clothes, two pieces sets, bodycon dresses, tie tops, for shoes she tend to use hells and for accessories she use layered necklaces, earrings especially rhinestonesin them.
Image by - 90s, aesthetic, and euphoria image fashion, outfit, and look image dress, fashion, and girl image Image by samanda fashion, style, and beige image


euphoria, kat, and barbie ferreira image Image removed
Badass Kat in the show use lot of black and red bodycon clothes like leather or spandex dresses and skirts, she also use mesh tops and crop tops as well, for accessories Kat use fishnets, corsets, harnesses she also likes chokers and chains, she use chunky shoes.
black, goth, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed Abusive image choker, grunge, and goth image outfit, girl, and red image aesthetic, red, and fashion image


euphoria, hbo, and alexa demie image euphoria, sydney sweeney, and aesthetic image
Cassie tend to use pastel colors and flower print in her clothes, she got a more casual style than Maddie like sporty two piece sets, she use high waisted jeans, crop and lace tops, summery dresses for shoes she tend to use white sneakers and high heels.
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alexa demie, maude apatow, and barbie ferreira image aesthetic, alternative, and couple image
Lexi style is cute and casual, she tend to use mom jeans, mini skirts, cute sweaters, plain t-shirts for shoes she use loafers and sneakers.
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euphoria, makeup, and alexa demie image Image removed makeup, yellow, and beauty image Image removed
Colorful bold eyeliner so sharp it can cut paper.


aesthetic, beauty, and colours image Image removed makeup and planet image makeup, eyeshadow, and stars image
This is a step more in the eyeliner game.


euphoria, sydney sweeney, and cassie image makeup, eye, and aesthetic image beauty, girl, and glam image eyes, makeup, and purple image
Shine, shine, shine.

Colorful eyeshadow

euphoria, Jules, and euphoriamakeup image beauty and makeup image makeup, art, and beauty image makeup, pink, and beauty image
This is the prettiest thing in the world.

Glossy / Nude lips

Temporarily removed euphoria, glitter, and inspiration image Temporarily removed besties, euphoria, and alexa demie image
In the show they use nude lipstick to bring the attention to the eyes.

Wet look

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One eyeshadow and you are done.


zendaya image Temporarily removed beauty, confetti, and eye makeup image makeup, glitter, and beauty image

Crazy things to cool to be real

euphoria and Jules image makeup, Halloween, and colors image haute couture, pfw, and maison valentino image Temporarily removed
The spikes Jules (Hunter) is using in the photo are face jewels just like the rhinestones, they are like stickers you put in your face but I also put in the reference pictures some funky eyelashes because they are pretty cool too.

I hope you enjoy this article I have more of Euphoria if you want to see them.

Love, Val