Hey, doing my name in colors
I have two names that I been called

Shaikha (my real name)
And Grace (the name I like better)

I’ll do both. With that out of the way, let’s start!

(S) i l v e r

accessories, beauty, and chic image bridal jewelry, tiara, and wedding accessories image chain necklace, estate jewelry, and etsy image Temporarily removed crown, etsy, and swarovski crystal image diamond ring, wedding ring, and vintage ring image

(H) o t P i n k

sky, pink, and travel image girl, hair, and pink hair image pink and aesthetic image car, aesthetic, and pink image pink, flamingo, and summer image glow, cute, and aesthetic image

(A) q u a

beach, beautiful, and life image waves, sea, and ocean image blue, ocean, and water image Image removed blue, hair, and blue hair image Image removed

(I) n d i g o

blue hair, icon, and style image blue, confetti, and festival image dj, MG, and music image Image removed ravenclaw image blue and ravenclaw image

(K) a f f i r. L i l y

flower, yellow, and lily image bright, lamp, and light image Image by ketikokaia97_1 car, orange, and sky image beach, beautiful, and inspiration image sky, aesthetic, and orange image

(H) e l i o t r o p e

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed heliotrope# stone image aesthetic, art, and statues image Temporarily removed society, quotes, and ugly image

(A) m e r i c a n R o s e

american beauty and rose image flowers and rose image rose, flowers, and red image rose, aesthetic, and red image rose and flowers image Image removed

Now for the second name, Grace

(G) r e e n

girl, hair, and green image cat, green, and boy image Image removed Temporarily removed book, green, and aesthetic image plants, pale, and grunge image

(R) e d

Temporarily removed red, lipstick, and makeup image autumn, bonfire, and food image music and neon image ombre, red, and indie image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

(A) m e t h y s t

moon, clouds, and sky image crystals, gifts, and magick image purple, aesthetic, and water image purple, aesthetic, and neon image purple, aesthetic, and neon image rose, grunge, and aesthetic image

(C) o o l B l a c k

gif image Image removed beautiful, photo, and black image black and outfit image Temporarily removed girl, tattoo, and black image

(E) m e r a l d

girl, aesthetic, and alternative image water, girl, and photography image green, velvet, and dress image aesthetic, background, and emerald image eye, green, and Harry Styles image aesthetic, dark, and emerald image