I've probably said it in previous articles, but Alessia Cara is one of my absolute favorite artists, and listening to her music feels like therapy. There is a handful of lyrics from her songs that I absolutely love, so here they are.


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my friend, you test my patience/ don't you just push me out now/ you got me into this mess, who's gonna get me out?

Trust My Lonely

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it's time i let you go / i made the mistake of writing your name on my heart / cause your colors showed / but it was too late / you left me stained, called it art

7 Days

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making boring people famous, let's pretend they're fascinating / let's tell little girls that pretty girls are better / or that pigment or religion really matters

Nintendo Game

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we better duck / cause right now, nobody's safe / and we could grow up / but it's no fun that way / and so we treat love / like it's a Nintendo game, but nobody wins

My Kind

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my kind of time's meant to carelessly spend / and my kind of nights are the ones that don't end / my kind of fun doesn't make any sense / and my kind of love, you won't ever forget

Growing Pains

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a short fuse and a short leash don't match / they tell me it ain't that bad / "now don't you overreact" / so i just hold my breath / don't know why i can't see the sun / when young should be fun


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excuse me if I seem a little unimpressed with this / an antisocial pessimist / but usually, I don't mess with this


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never were there truer words / in all my days I've ever heard / than when she told me / little girl, the answer is love

Wild Things

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find table spaces, say your social graces / bow your head / they're pious here / but you and I, we're pioneers


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we'll be outlaws / you and me / they'll never understand my honor among these thieves

Shameless plug; listen to Alessia Cara. Her songs are amazing, the lyrics are beautiful. You won't regret it. Thanks for reading (: