Hi guys, welcome to another article. Today I'll review my August and I have to say it was pretty intense and a lot of things came up, so it was a packed month.

+ top 6 songs
- Best of Me (JOHN.k)
- You Need To Calm Down (Taylor Swift)
- Pegasus Seiya (The Struts)
- Señorita (Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello)
- Blooming Story (Tearliner ft. Jo Hae Jin)*

+ Chernobyl
This is a HBO Original Series, and I wasn't expecting to be this good. I get excited everytime I hear, tell or read about this accident, I hope this didn't sound wrong, I think is pretty interesting. I am a Chemistry Technician and I did a whole essay about it and it was a competitive topic. Ok, returning to the series, it is good, it shows really well how everything happened and the consequences of a "simple" mistake. 10/10

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+ Love Alarm
This is an Netflix original Korean drama based on a webtoon. I was going to watch anyway because one of my favorites Korean actresses is in it. The idea of the app is good but at the same time isn't. I don't know. What I know is that I love this drama, is so cute and the male leads are... 10/10.
[There is a song in this drama that I am obsessed with but I don't know the name and it's not on Spotify TT.] *Update: The OST was finally released on Spotify, so I added the song in my top faves, so it's 6 instead of 5.

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- Hotel Del Luna
Hotel Del Luna came to an end and I have to say I cried and laughed a lot during this drama. I have nothing to say other than it's good, you'll have to watch and see for yourself. This drama has a lot of good things, the drama itself, the actors, the story and the soundtrack... the soundtrack is 10/10

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- Bring The Soul
I think this is the 3rd BTS movie, right? It's the first one I watched at the cinema and it's so funny and nice. It's nice to see their backstage and behind stories. I got worried at some parts but it's okay.

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