if you truly do indeed love someone you have to accept the risk that you may or may not get hurt. but you also have to understand that the promises you've made with each other are meaningful to the other. its not only the I love you's its about the meaning behind every single thing you demonstrate. its not only words that say what you feel, but its also the actions you demonstrate when you guys are together. you also have to take in consideration that someone is always going to have their doubts based on their passed relationships with other people, family, and other past significant others. you have to accept that not everyday you have to tell your significant other 'I love you', by giving them the affection they need and demonstrating that you are always going to be there for them. by loving someone that you feel that you can't live without you have to sacrifice things, but also you have to keep promises to yourself that you're gonna do whatever you can to not hurt the person you truly love.