Dream, light, and night image ocean, beach, and summer image
Sonar ~ means "to dream" in spanish; is a technique that uses sound propagation to navigate, communicate with or detect objects on or under the surface of the water

Zodiac sign:

gif image makeup, aesthetic, and pink image aesthetic, edit, and Libra image Libra, art, and zodiac image

Fairy Power:

fish, ocean, and sea image blue, clouds, and ocean image blue, ocean, and sea image ocean, water, and aesthetic image
Fairy of water, the sea and the ocean


hair, blonde, and hairstyle image tattoo, butterfly, and pretty image Mature image girl, header, and tumblr image
long blonde hair wavy like the sea; blue-ish green eyes, full lips; fit; has a beauty mark shaped as a butterfly

Daily Style:

beige, black, and kink image fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image fashion, theme, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed girl, model, and outfit image black, fashion, and grunge image
aesthetic, alternative, and boho image aesthetic, beauty, and bracelet image Temporarily removed body, goals, and hair image

Fairy Style:

Copyrighted image Copyrighted image
aesthetic, green, and butterfly image Abusive image pink, skirt, and glitter image Temporarily removed pink, earrings, and aesthetic image acrylics, glitter, and green image
clothes & accessories
lips, pink, and makeup image makeup, pink, and girl image pink, glitter, and makeup image pink, glossy, and aesthetic image


meme, reaction, and reaction pictures image aesthetic, grunge, and quotes image quotes, nice, and go away image Temporarily removed quotes, words, and aesthetic image night, quotes, and day image
artistic, positive, friendly, can be rebellious because she's strong-minded, still good with people and a good friend


animal, hair, and funny image cute, chameleon, and green image
a chameleon named Dexter

Birth Place:

Image by ༺♡ Britney Stpeters ♡༻ nature, waterfall, and aesthetic image moon, sun, and aesthetic image art, architecture, and gold image
Planet Kamuzu (ancient egyptian for medical) ~ it's a very peaceful place with beautiful landscapes where it's always warm & humid. Sonar grew up in the kingdom with her parents and no siblings


Abusive image girl, model, and aesthetic image
Sonar is happily in love with Nova, a girl who is also from Kamuzu and who she grew up with
Temporarily removed
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