hi thanks for stopping by and reading my article, hope you enjoy ☀️

1. where will i be in 10 years ?

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will I be married?, how many kids will I have? will I be rich ? or will i stay single and eat pasta in Italy for the rest of my life? i can't think too long about this question because it makes me aggressive for not having answers.

2. how do other people think ?

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like what do you see when you're thinking ? do you think in images, are you talking to yourself, do you even think ??, what do you think of the most? do I think less than others? what even means thinking? oh wow

3. what do animals think of us ?

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because there are some animals who must be real mad at us.. but like what to they think when they see humans? what does your dog think when he sees you laying in bed with chicken grease on your fingers watching netflix? or how about all those animals in the zoo or all the animals who see us watching them on safari. it probably depends on the animal but still ...

4. Déjà-vu !!

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noun [ U ] UK /ˌdeɪ.ʒɑː ˈvuː/ US /ˌdeɪ.ʒɑː ˈvuː/: the strange feeling that in some way you have already experienced what is happening now. can someone please explain to me how they work? like seriously there are times when everything is just normal and then boom you get that strange feeling and you are CONVINCED that you experienced it before and as soon as you realize what just happened everything feels normal again. i think deja vu's are very interesting and mysterious but they drive me nuts.

5. do soulmates exist ?

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imagine there is a person who shares the same soul as you, who you can't live without, who loves the same things as you and is just the fitting piece to your puzzle. did you imagine that ? ok now imagine finding that person. you must be real lucky my friend. i do believe in true love and that shit but soulmates ? how is it even different ? maybe it's a way of humans to justify how intensely they feel towards a person ...

alright that's enough questions for today .. my brain is overflowing. but like do y'all know what i mean ? what kind of questions keep you up at night? let's talk, maybe I'll do a second part :)