- Cloth bags and no gloves : when we go shopping we can bring us an envelope from home and not use gloves to get some fruit that will be washed anyway.

bag, eco, and recycle image gloves, recycle, and no plastic image

- Metal bottle and 0 straws :to avoid wasting money and plastic we can bring a metal bottle or use metal staws.

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- Food and cutlery from home : we can take food from home in lunch boxes to avoid spending money on fast food and post cutlery from home so as not to waste plastic unnecessarily.

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- Products without plastic packaging or grocery stores on tap : when we go shopping at the supermarket we can avoid buying products with plastic packaging or try draught shops where they sell bulk products. For example, we can bring jars to be filled with various products such as soaps or oils or use solid soaps in bar of soap or bamboo toothbrushes.

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