Without further ado, may I introduce my absolute favorite Melanie songs (including some of her unreleased gems) for your enjoyment ;) And if we happen to have the same faves, don't hesitate to comment!

Image by 𝖆𝖓𝖓𝖊 Image by Happy Pride 🏳️‍🌈 Temporarily removed mad hatter and music image
Mad Hatter
Image removed melanie martinez, pacify her, and cry baby image melanie martinez, cry baby, and pacify her image melanie martinez, cry baby, and pacify her image
Pacify Her
aesthetic, melanie, and music image icons, pastel colors, and melanie martinez image quotes, battle, and life image Temporarily removed
Class Fight
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed blue, icons, and music image
Blue Knees
Image removed grunge, Lyrics, and sweet image melanie martinez, cry baby, and teddy bear image Image by Red rum
Teddy Bear
melanie martinez, carousel, and cry baby image melanie martinez, carousel, and crybaby image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨
icons, melanie, and filter image melanie martinez, k-12, and celebrity image celebrities, indie music, and indie singer image clothes, drama, and drama queen image
Drama Club
Image removed crybaby, edit, and editing image grow up, kids, and love image aesthetic, alternative, and couple image
High School Sweethearts
aesthetic, gray, and green image Image removed melanie martinez, k-12, and melanie image cake, shortcake, and strawberry image
Strawberry Shortcake
melanie martinez, cry baby, and melanie image dead, dead to me, and jean image dead to me, song lyrics, and melanie martinez image hearts, tumblr, and melanie martinez image
Dead to Me
melanie martinez, cry baby, and art image melanie martinez and dollhouse image carousel, celebrities, and gif image dollhouse, melanie martinez, and dark image
actor, artist, and beautiful image Temporarily removed melanie martinez image baking, christmas, and delicious image
Gingerbread Man
album, crybaby, and film image crybaby, melanie martinez, and blue image wallpaper, melanie martinez, and cry baby image celeb, melanie, and tear image

Okay, well, I had a few more but come on, it's Melanie Martinez, who doesn't love literally all her songs? lol

Till next time, guys ;)

~ Sharon ~