Hello y'all guys, It's Liv.

College is here my dudes and I am really into the idea of starting a routine again. Also this season is coming strong because I am going to be getting my driving licence and I am starting classes of pottery.
Because of all of those things I need a good starting of the day, and as you seemed to liked the last past post about my summer morning routine, why not doing the fall one. Ok, let's get started, Shall we?

Wake up at 7:00 am

I am the type of girl that really needs its time to wake up, at least 5 min of turning and tossing in bed, after that I am ready to do my thing.

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Walk my dog

I'll grab some joggers, a cardigan and my water bottle, with all of that I am ready to walk my dog, the walk is about 15 min long.

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Coffee time 7:40

When I'll arrive home I'll make some hot coffee. I can't live without a hot coffee ppl, If I don't have it, I'll get sleepy all day.

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Bullet journal/Candles

I'll grab my coffee and go up to my bedroom, by the room will be all airy and refresh. I'll light up some chai tea candles on and plan my day. My Zen moment of the day.

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Get dressed and make up 8:00 am

I don't shower in the mornings because I hate to go to bed dirty, I prefer to shower after a long day of work. I'll get dressed with a comfortable and easy outfit and I just apply mascara If I am really in the mood, If not my glasses are just enough.

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8:15 am

I'll be ready to either go or do anything I want, usually read or make something for breakfast to eat later.

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Well, that it's all for this fall morning routine, hope you have enjoyed it and see you soon.