I wore you like armor
So I wouldn't have to grow thick skin
Now that I've been hollowed out
The realities pouring in
It's in my ears and it's in my eyes
It's drowning my senses
I was the one who turned away
But I'm the one who's left stranded and defensive
It was nice to have someone on my side
A devil on my shoulder
A little more than three years went by
But I seemed to grow so much older
My tongue is sharp and my lungs can't breathe
I'm trying to survive without a want or a need
Your in my bones and crawling up my spine
I've been intoxicated by you like wine
It's bubbling up, the infectious ringing
I stole your voice but I can still hear you singing

But your not the only one who's got teeth
Underneath the marks there's gasoline
I buried you alive, my dear loving friend
And if you try to come back i'll burn you again

(not my artwork)