I can't pinpoint what's wrong.
Just like a voodoo doll.
I don't know why but everything hurts.
I feel the unknown need to cry.
I feel as everything even the tiniest thing is wrong with me. I've never hated myself but lately I just can't see anything positive in myself. My waist isn't a single digit size, and I hate shopping because the things i love are always so small. I don't want to be skinny, I just want to learn how to love my body and not be judged for loving the type pf body I have. But everywhere I go and every movement my eyes make there"s always someone who makes me question why I am not as pretty.
This world is harsh it has angels of all types walking and getting there wings cut off because they don't look like the rest.
The oxygen you breath is criticism.
They strive to accept you but make you sign a contract with rules to oppress you.
Learn to love yourself in all aspects including your flaws. The hand that tries to wound you will disintegrate at your sight.
I am not there yet but soon I will...