Hello there!

September is here and my summerbreak is coming to an end in less than a month. I am not gonna write a lot about this summer in this article, but I might write one about it before I'll start college again. As you can see from my collection below Iam a big fan of this season, so I am excited every year with my fall bucket list (you'll find FBL18 in this collection).

Are you ready?

Apple picking
Grape picking

autumn, beautiful, and clouds image apple, autumn, and cider image
Fall it's that time of the year when you can enjoy the last fresh, picked from your garden,goodies of the year. At leas in my country. Also, I do live in a vineyard area so we have a whole culture for grape picking and wine making.

Burn fall scented candles
Enjoy fall colours

fall, autumn, and candle image autumn, fall, and green image
Well, if I already started burning those apple&cinnamon candles, it's not yet all in warm tones of orange, brown and yellow but I look forward to.

Pack for college
Study more

book, photography, and autumn image autumn, fall, and fashion image
Yeey...naah. I do know I have to go, but being last year and all the trouble I kinda wish to stay home more. Hope you get it why I have to study more, if not: This year I have to take my diploma exam. (Kill me now)

Carve some pumpkins

autumn, fall, and friendship image Halloween, pumpkin, and girl image
Friendsgivingday is something I did read here on we, but I don't find it anymore cuz I want to give credit for this amazing ideea. In my country we don't celebrate this holiday even if I think it is amazing. It's the only holiday that helps people remember to be humans. (In my opinion at least) Anyway being away from my family FRIENDSGIVINGDAY would be a nice alternative since my friends like the holiday too. About those pumkins... well It's childish and relaxing and cool.

Try pumpkin spice latte
Walk on crunchy leaves

autumn, bucket, and fall image autumn, coffee, and enjoy image
Why not, I love pumpkin pie, how bad can it be? And those cruncy leaves are a must for everyone who loves autumn.

Take a lot of photos
Write more articles

autumn, blonde, and colorful image autumn, fall, and hiking image
Say no more! About photos at least... About writing, I would love to, I want to, but we'll see.

Prove him you love him
Solve some problemes with the past

girl, autumn, and fall image autumn, couple, and fall image
The problem with my past was my ex and I solved it few days ago since we're friends again. But about my boyfriend if someone has some crazy ideeas so I can make him realize how much I do love him, can you share it with me?

Trim your hair
Change style

autumn, biker, and fall image autumn, bag, and blonde image
Mhm, this are some things I do wanna try for a longtime now. Hope this year I'll have success

Enjoy rainy days
Start gg again

clouds, cloudy, and foggy image blair waldorf, chuck bass, and gossip girl image
I love rainydays soo much. At least when I don't need to go out. And Gossip Girl and rainyday it's like a fall fantasy for me.

And Pll the perfectionists
Have a bonfire

pretty little liars image fire, marshmallow, and autumn image
Another match for rainydays, but when it's warm outside...

Take a lot of walks
Gather pine cones and chestnuts

boots, tree, and shoes image autumn, brown, and fall image
Walks are good for general healt. Mind, body and all. I want also to grab some goodies (hope I'll be creative someday).

Visit a fall festival
Enjoy raw wine

city, ferris wheel, and gondola image foods, wine, and wine making image
Well those are cute.Ocktoberfest might be over 'till I'll get there, but we have something like harvestday festivall this month. Also being in a region where you'll find vineyars wherever you look, we have good wine too. And raw wine it's the best. raw wine- natural grape juice before it's fermentated

Watch Harry Potter and halloween movies
Start Christmas shopping

christmas, winter, and gift image
I do have a full article about this, and about Christmas shopping, I tell you.. it's way more easy and cheap.

Holiday bucket list
Winter bucket list

Those are from last year

1 house project
Have an autumn playlist

pillow, leaves, and autumn image Image by chaoticwhore
Well, interior design it's one of my passions and it's relaxing me... when my brain is not drain out after a school day. An autumn playlist might be usefull since I walk to classes and sometimes only by myself.

Bake some pie
And muffins

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image delicious, food, and muffin image
Autumn goodies. With apples or apricots, grapes or raisin....
book, candle, and autumn image autumn, fall, and leaves image
Start a jurnal? Have an outdoor picnick I want to spend as much time outside as I can, even wrting outside it's better.

Those are the things from my FBL19. Hope you'll find inspiration in it. If you like it you can follow me


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