Will : Quintessance

hair, hairstyle, and red image eyes, makeup, and aesthetic image pink and vintage image accessories, angel, and angels image Temporarily removed Image by Anja Hollaschke
dragon and magic image Temporarily removed
Power : Heart of Kandrakar , Storm or Energy

Irma : Hydrokinésie

hair image makeup, eyeliner, and beauty image fashion, outfit, and girl image denim, ripped, and short pants image blue, sneakers, and vans image bored, bring me the horizon, and depressed image
water, blue, and aesthetic image
Power : Water

Taranee : Pyrokinésie

girl, eyes, and beautiful image eyes, eye, and aesthetic image aesthetic, fashion, and outfit image orange, aesthetic, and converse image autumn, fall, and animal image autumn, fall, and book image
fire and wallpaper image
Power : Fire

Cornelia : Géokinésie

hair, blonde, and hairstyle image eyeshadow and makeup image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed cat, white, and animal image eye shadow, glamour, and green image
Temporarily removed
Power : Earth

Hay lin : Aerokinésie

Image removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and art image etsy, birthday gift, and wood sign image
nature, tree, and forest image
Power : Air