Hello my fellow autumn-lovers!

As I have already written an article about autumn and I had so much fun writing it,I thought my next topic would be autumn, too.

by the way here are my other aticles

So last year it felt like autumn just passed me by, therefore I wanted to prepare for it this year!

Comfy clothes!

winter, sweater, and christmas image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image
One of the first Things to do: get out your comfy Sweaters and fuzzy socks. Only now autumn can start!

Hot Drinks and Food

Inspiring Image on We Heart It autumn, apple, and fall image christmas, tea, and Cookies image autumn, apple, and fall image
Make an apple pie, some hot cider, haunted cookies, try different teas, and the most important one: try recipes including pumpkins like: a pumpkin and caramel cake or pumpkin Pancakes. Be creative

Autumn Playlist

autumn, fall, and leaves image

-sweater weather- The neighbourhood
-autumn leaves - ed sheeran
-September song - jp cooper
-to Build a Home - The Cinematic Orchestra
-golden Leaves (acoustic) - Passenger
-thru these tears - LANY

Candles and co.

autumn, fall, and Halloween image fall, autumn, and leaves image fall, pumpkin, and autumn image autumn, fall, and aesthetic image
Decorating for fall is everything. It makes your room so much cozier.

Preparation for rainy days

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Of course rainy days are significant for autumn (ok not everywhere in the world) but here I found a good article with some ideas what you could do to not get bored

So I hope This article could help you prepare for autumn!