a girl watches too many tv shows.

Favourite TV Show

game of thrones and bran stark image castle image game of thrones, robb stark, and bran stark image Image removed
game of thrones (duh)

Show You've Abandoned

black and motorcycle image car, vintage, and aesthetic image riverdale, drive in, and jughead jones image riverdale image

Show That Gives You Nostalgia

Queen, crown, and princess image Image by Bluejinni crown, king, and green image love, romeo and juliet, and leonardo dicaprio image

Show You've Watched Too Many Reasons, No Reason Why

13 reasons why, clay jensen, and quotes image Temporarily removed quotes, sad, and 13 reasons why image 13 reasons why, quotes, and sad image
13 reasons why.

Show You're Ashamed of Watching

Image removed Image removed Image removed alternative, boy, and drown image
teen wolf. up to season 4.

Show You Love That Came Out This Year

mask image aesthetic, alternative, and apocalyptic image aesthetics and horror movies image instrument, music, and notes image

Show You Have Not Watched

campbell, Elle, and the society image drunk, wifi, and grunge image quotes, words, and blue image the society, kathryn newton, and rachel keller image
the society.

Show You'd Love To Live In

stranger things, aesthetic, and 80s image Temporarily removed stranger things and pool image horror, movies, and Halloween image
stranger things.

Show You Didn't Like

love, quotes, and norwegian image Elle Fanning, blonde, and the neon demon image money, aesthetic, and grunge image pills, heart, and drugs image

Favourite Character From TV Show

Image removed Image removed skins, cassie, and wow image Image removed
cassie ainsworth, skins. WOW

Character From Show That's Overrated

stranger things, eleven, and mike image eleven, quote, and text image bed, light, and book image stranger things, eleven, and netflix image
eleven; stranger things.

TV Show Character You Have A Crush On

flowers, house tyrell, and highgarden image mace, house tyrell, and olenna image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
loras! highgarden!

Show You Are Watching At The Moment

Image by shaozeke Temporarily removed Image removed A Series of Unfortunate Events, autumn, and beauty image
series of unfortunate events even though i've seen it too many times ;]

A Character From A Show That You Would Like To Play

quotes, aesthetic, and survive image arrow, forest, and bow image white, bran stark, and aesthetic. black image bran stark and game of thrones image
bran stark.

Underrated TV Show

dark crystal, deet, and age of resistance image magic image Temporarily removed aesthetic, alternative, and boho image
dark crystal age of resistance

TV You Should See

90210, cast, and beverlyhills image quotes, friends, and alone image 1990s, 90210, and 90s image Image removed
beverly hills 90210

Favourite Ship

green, Paper, and anyway image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed quotes, survive, and always image
meera and bran, so sorry that i've used got thrice. won't again. but as friends. meera's so loving and bran is just coming to what this world really is.

Most Annoying Character

bad girls, fandom, and girls image chanel, lipstick, and mascara image glasses, fashion, and hipster image Temporarily removed
veronica lodge. gag me, will you?

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