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1. mermaids or angels ?

angel, wings, and aesthetic image angel, aesthetic, and art image

2. 1900s or 2000 ?

paris, moulin rouge, and 1900 image 2000, 2001, and 90's image

3. smooth jazz or beautiful classical

music, jazz, and blues image bravo, jazz, and microphone image
I like listening to classical but I'm going to say smooth jazz

4. extrovert, ambivert or introvert ?

girl, sad, and melancholy image moon, sun, and aesthetic image

5. chocolate bars or lollipops ?

Temporarily removed aesthetic, lollipop, and tumblr image
hard question... probably lollipops

6. movies or books ?

books image tv, grunge, and aesthetic image
both :)

7. spring or fall ?

autumn, rain, and fall image autumn, instagram: @sarahfennema, and <-- it's fall themed image

8. rain or sunshine ?

Temporarily removed rain, autumn, and fall image
depends but I really like the atmosphere on a rainy day so I say rain.

9. dancing or singing ?

red, aesthetic, and microphone image Image removed
I truly enjoy dancing but I'd be nothing if I were not able to sing

10. tea, coffee or hot chocolate ?

coffee, drink, and aesthetic image coffee, chocolate, and drink image
hot chocolate !

11. what is your favorite song ?

cd, aesthetic, and sad image Temporarily removed
I have a lot of favorite songs, but some of them are 'somewhere only know' by keane, 'the long and winding road' by the beatles, 'you there' by aquilo, 'therapy' by khalid or 'amsterdam' by coldplay.

12. what is your favorite scent ?

creamy, flowers, and petals image vanilla, aesthetic, and french image

13. when do you normally wake up ?

black and white, quote, and wake up image girl and beauty image
7.00 am when I have school and between 10 and 11 am when I don't have.

14. what is your favorite book ?

book, vintage, and tea image book, the catcher in the rye, and photography image
'les fleures du mal' by baudelaire, 'jane eyre' by brontë and 'the catcher in the rye' by salinger

15. who was your first idol in life ?

Paul McCartney and the beatles image 60s, george harrison, and Paul McCartney image
paul mccartney

16. what game were you best at in gym class ?

beach, colors, and dance image belly, fun, and gif image
I hated gym and I still suck

17. where do you go to study ?

anime, aesthetic, and study image book, coffee, and study image
In my room, usually on my bed

18. what is your favorite childhood memory ?

Temporarily removed etsy, girl clothes, and mother daughter image
going to a park with my mum and my grandma

19. what is your favorite subject ?

euphoria, maddy, and alexa demie image instagram, exam, and history image
english, literature and french

20. what is your least favorite subject ?

sailor moon, anime, and math image chemistry, science, and colors image
maths and chemistry

21. what is your greatest wish ?

animal, animated, and aristocats image family, baby, and kids image
to make my family proud of me and to have children

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