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Hello, folks.

Today's article is all about if i were.

I am aware that I've done a few of these before (you'll find them in my article collection), but I just think it's interesting to look back on all of them and see how (or if) my answers changed over time.

So, without any further ado, let's get to it.


1 | if i were a color

fruit, food, and raspberry image makeup, make up, and red image

2 | if i were a season

brown, theme, and city image autumn, cozy, and candle image

3 | if i were a book

movie and boy image boy, movie, and friends image
the boy in the striped pyjamas

4 | if i were an animal

Temporarily removed owl, cute, and animal image

5 | if i were a pody part

eyes, eye, and glitter image makeup, eyes, and beauty image

6 | if i were a time

Temporarily removed Image by tenderlygirl
victorian era

7 | if i were a disney princess

hair, girl, and photography image fantasy and run image

8 | if i were a song

eminem, quote, and tired image eminem, handsome, and quotes image
i collapse - eminem

9 | if i were a clothing item

Temporarily removed beige, blue, and denim image
woolen jumper

10 | if i were a drink

cafe, cappuccino, and coffee image food, coffee, and drink image

11 | if i were a time of the day

blue, city, and dark image midnight, night, and stars image

12 | if i were an element

photography image Temporarily removed

13 | if i were an activity

white, aesthetic, and iphone image aesthetic, white, and fashion image
listening to music

14 | if i were a music genre

music, grunge, and tumblr image Image removed
alternative rock

15 | if i were a feeling

tumblr and window image boy image

16 | if i were a movie

Anne Hathaway, 90s, and vintage image the princess diaries, movie, and princess diaries image
the princess diaries

17 | if i were a hogwarts student

oxford, skogrn, and england image green, aesthetic, and water image
my house would be slytherin


That's it for today.

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Also, if you want to get to know me better, feel free to take a look at my personal aesthetic:

Finally, I hope that you have a wonderful 24 hours ahead of you and I'll write to you in the following days.

- Rana