Hello everybody. :-) I was thinking I should write something more personal and this is something what influences me everyday. With my weight I have been fighting for many years. Since the end of my primary school I have been trying to lose my weight but it's like rollercoster. Sometimes I lose 3-5 kg but then I gain more than 5 again and I am where I started and it's frustrating. I love sport, I really do. And I think I have strength so my body is not only fat. But I really wish to lose at least 5 kg to look better, to feel better.

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BUT I have to tell you that nevertheless my body taught me a lot. Firstly it showed me that I am absolutely impatient person and I really should work on this. Because without patience I will never lose weight but not only this. Patience has impact on every goal you have.

It also taught me to be happy for every little step I have ever done. It showed me that even I can't see it, change is happening and my dream is closer and closer by every step I do. Sometimes happen that I make a step back but I know that I can do it again to move on and do it in better way. And the most important thing what I have learnt is loving my body and my curves. And boys like me too. Sometimes I don't understand why and how but they do. And at least I know it's because of me not because of my body. And when I see these skinny girls and then I look at me and I see my butt, legs and boobs suddenly I feel so femininely.

Maybe this article is not only for you. Of course it is. I want to show you that if you think you are alone in this, you are not. I wish for every girl to love her body. It's a temple. It's her temple. So yes this article is for every girl or boy who is insecure and feel unattractive. For change you need time and be patient. But this article is also for me to remember what I have ever done and how long journey is waiting for me but I am looking forward to experience it. Because I am fighting by myself for myself and I am enjoying it even it's damn hard.

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I hope you liked this article and you got inspired by this at least a little. I love you and I wish you good luck with your goals however big they are! If you have any questions or you have something about what would you like to talk don't hesitate to write me!