-okay so,
i'm missing autumn. i want it to be here, like, right fkn now. and just bcs of this i will now reprecent to you a list of beauutiful things that i connect with fall.
(btw ignore grammar error etcetc)

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-it's dark-

sorry for ya'll that like sunlight lol, but if i can be able to watch the stars for more than 4 hours then i'm not gonna complain. bcs those little dots of light that hang abow us, million and million of years away, i find really... extraordinary.

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-not 2000 degrees-

while everybody goes bear mood during the winter, i like doing it when the summer starts. bcs can i wear hoodies during summer? no. can i wear sweatshirts? no. can i wear scarfs? no. can i be out in the sun and get a tan? absolutely not. bcs my ass only looks like a tomato just by being kissed by the sun after 10 minutes.

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-cute outfits-

i've said that i like the cold, right? well tbh i think i can wear more comfortable and pretty clothes when i can do layer on layer without dying. i like to able to wear cozy swearshirts, boots, scarfs, HATS. i just love it.

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-the colors-

and the colors! holy schmackellibackpack what i love how all the trees turn into explotions of red, yellow and brown!! the nature is such a beautiful and delicate thing that we don't care for enough. imagine afternoon walks with the wind in your hair, coat on with a scarf wrapped around your neck. everywhere you look is something more beautiful than what you saw just a minute ago. leaves dancing in the wind, birds singing abow you. that's a dreamworld.

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-rain 25/8-

my friends used to scream at me in middleschool bcs i would always go out and just stand in the rain everytime we had lunch. but, the feeling of small small raindrops hitting your face is just so relaxing, and the sound of it is even better. i read somewhere that people who use umbrellas (or paraplays as me and my friend calls them) don't like the rain and are afraid of the water. but i don't agree. the feeling when you're out and the rain is pattering abow you? oh. my. god.

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you've just got home. you take of your wet jacket and putt on some socks and a warm sweater. you make yourself a cup of tea, coffee or idk chocolate and goes to get a book. the feeling of sitting in a comfortable place with a warm mug and a good book to read while you can hear the rain outside is just one of the most wonderful things in the whole world.

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-family & friends-

one thing that always warms my heart is when mom and i have a lazy day and just watch movie after movie. or when i invite my friends over so that we can have a girlsevening out on the balcony, wrapped around thausends of blankets, sippin' on some wine. or that's something i would really love to do anyway.

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there is so many options to do that can make you calm, maybe one of those things i've mention already. but for me i like to just put on some relaxing music and paint in colorbooks or let my own imagination flow on a plain white paper. or maybe write some poetry?

but if you want insperation here's my autumn list on spotify


-okay well,
i guess that was it. congratulations if you read all that lmfao. but i really hope you could get some insperation or whatever you were looking for in my article.

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using my lovemachine to shoot hugs & kisses to u, mwAh