Hello beauties! I hope you are having an amazing days
Mornings are my favorite time of day, especially during fall. The air is so crisp and the atmosphere so cozy, it really has a calming effect on my mind. So here's my morning routine for a cold autumn day.

⚛︎ Waking up
I get up at 7 am to be able to capture the magnificent morning scenes and smell its scent.

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⚛︎ Stretches and Opening the Windows
The first thing I do after I get up is a few stretchesto the arms. It helps me relieve my arm muscles, because during the night I only sleep sideways and when I get up my arms are all sore. After that, I open all the windows of my house and let in the fresh air. Also, the light and smell of the morning really helps me wake up and make me happier.

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⚛︎ Music and Breakfast
I listen to my relaxing playlists, then comes the best moment of the day ... Breakfast! I make a cup of coffee with a croissant. I love Italian breakfast!

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⚛︎ Mindless little things
I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and cleanse my face.

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⚛︎ Skincare and Cleaning
I make the bed and clean the house, after which I do the laundry and tidy up the stuff when it's dry. When I'm done I cuddle a little, usually I put an argan oil mask on my hair and a nourishing face mask.

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⚛︎ Shower
I take a long relaxing shower to keep a good scent all day long! after the shower I wore shorts and a cozy oversize sweater.

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⚛︎ Candles
Fall without candles is not autumn, in fact autumn is defined by a few essential things like candles lit with the smell of apples or pumpkin, crisp leaves, and comfiness.

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⚛︎ Movie and chill
The rest of the day is basically me cuddling up and binge watching movie. As for the meal, I cook everything from sweet to savory.

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That's all I do in my autumn morning routine for a cold day at home.
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Love, Hellen