inspired by:

1) is your bed currently made?

bedroom, home, and house image bedroom, home, and interior image
no, It's not

2) have you ever had to share your bedroom?

aesthetic, interior, and room image beach, bedroom, and home image

3) what is your biggest fear?

fear, quotes, and feed image anime, aesthetic, and eyes image
I have so many fears

4) are you in love right now?

girl, tattoo, and aesthetic image moon, beach, and aesthetic image
I have a crush but I'm not that in love with him so Idk

5) longest phonecall you've ever had?

Image removed 90s, aesthetic, and art image
yeah, Idk

6) describe your best friend

anime, red velvet, and joy image flowers, rose, and pink image
she's the best person you'll ever meet;

7) describe your crush

boy, manu rios, and aesthetic image aesthetic, beige, and art image
he's tall and friendly but I don't have many things in common with him

8) what color is your natural hair?

aesthetic, alternative, and vintage image grapes image
dark brown

9) what is your graduation year?

Temporarily removed Image removed

10) have you ever received an award?

dress and fashion image Temporarily removed
yes, I have

11) are you wearing socks right now?

edit, rp, and miles heizer image Image removed

12) do you watch tv often?

tv, grunge, and aesthetic image aesthetic, grunge, and theme image
nope, I don't

13) what's your favorite netflix show?

the society image aesthetic, cool kids, and drinks image
the society

14) do you sleep with the fan on or off?

Abusive image cat, animal, and kitten image

15) can you fall asleep with the lights on?

Image by K Y L I E aesthetic, white, and room image
I can

16) favorite song?

conan gray, comfort crowd, and single image lips, aesthetic, and makeup image
comfort crowd by conan gray

17) how many people do you live with?

angel, boy, and wings image Temporarily removed

18) what's your relationship with your mom?

butterfly, aesthetic, and grunge image grunge, rainbow, and aesthetic image

19) how much sleep did you get last night?

flowers, aesthetic, and eyes image Mature image
like eight hours or something

20) what was your most exciting vacation experience?

aesthetic and drink image chungha, kpop, and ioi image
when I went the town where my best friend lives and I could go out with her every day for a week

21) how can you tell you're getting sleepy?

aesthetic, glitter, and beach image theme, aesthetic, and rp image
my eyes get heavy

22) have you ever fell asleep on the phone?

90s, aesthetic, and alternative image pink, aesthetic, and phone image
no, I haven't

23) summer or winter?

bts, vkook, and taekook image aesthetic, blue, and car image
I like both but summer

24) fall or spring?

sunset, view, and summer image aesthetic, photography, and white image
spring ofc

25) soda or juice?

Temporarily removed Image removed