Hey sweeties!
Today I’ll give you some ideas to use on your bullet journal or to create one. Hope you like it.
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My school collection can inspire you:

1| Types of bullet journal:

  • K-pop

I have this one, but I stop using it because I’m lazy ahahah!! But it’ so cute!! And also you can have fun researching for photos and curiosities about kpop groups and soloist.

jennie image journal, bts, and bullet journal image
  • Planner

Everybody needs a planner, but think about having a beautiful planner with your favorites things around the pages!!

journal, organization, and planner image flowers and week image
  • Diary

You can write here all your secrets, all your outbursts, everything you can’t scream to the world. Write. And you can also put some pictures.

flowers and week image
  • Drawing

You don’t need to know how to draw very well. There are some tutorials on the internet f simple things that everybody can do I swear!! Besides a hobby it can relax you.

rainbow, art, and stars image bullet, ideas, and inspiration image
  • Travel

Do you dream about travel the world? This is the kind of bujo you need to have!! Research for pictures, curiosities, etc about your favorites countries.

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  • Lifestyle

If you don’t want to have a specific subject just put everything there. Your favorite singer, movies, serials, what are you eating, how wa your day…etc, but organization is the scret!

art journal, diary, and journal image bullet journal, journal, and planner image

2| Handwriting

There are a lot of handwriting types. Like, the cute one, the elegant one, the doctor one, even the ghost one (ok I just created this right now, but it makes sense ahahah). Choose one and practice it a lot!!

calligraphy, handlettering, and happy image atticus, calligraphy, and hand lettering image journal, art, and bullet journal image Image by girllpassion

3| What to put?

Here some ideas:

bullet journal image bullet journal and habits image bullet, journal, and planner image explore, plan, and school image notebook and bullet journal image bullet journal, doodle, and drawing image

I have two bullet journals, one about k-pop and the other about lifestyle. And you, do you have a bujo? About what? Tell me on the messages, I’ll love to know.

Love you guys.

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XOXO, Anita
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