autumn is finally here! my favourite time of the year. in this article i'll be listing some of my favourite things about this wonderful season.
autumn, rain, and fall image autumn, fall, and rain image
i love the rain. i always have. the sound of it relax my mind and body, i could listen to it forever.
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warm drinks! tea, coffee, hot cocoa or warm apple cider. everything warm please my body during this time.
autumn, fall, and pumpkin image autumn, sweater, and fall image
sweater weather! i love wearing cozy and warm sweaters during the autumn.
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soft music! all music sounds better on a record player!
autumn, Halloween, and fall image autumn, fall, and Halloween image
movie marathons!! harry potter is one of my all time favourites, along with hocus pocus, corpse bride and nightmare before christmas.
i hope you enjoyed reading this article! happy autumn!

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