we all have things that we want to forget about.

a bad dream, a memory, a person.

wouldn’t it be nice if you can just erase them from your memory completely? like taking that piece out and throwing it away forever?

i believe that by forgetting something, any story that comes (or is attached) with it also disappears. any person involved or any feeling experienced just goes away and you can’t feel them anymore.

but sometimes you just can’t get rid of them.

sometimes, i think it’s even better for us to not forget things, no matter how good or bad they were. because i see them as learning lessons, as special moments

it’s alright to remember what they have done to you, or simply what you have done to them. it’s alright to miss them. or knowing that you once felt something that you may not right now. happy. sad. jealous. admire. hate. or love.

will you remember me when i’m gone?