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Hello everybody! My name is Sophia, I have never written an article before, but here I am making one. I love to heart posts about books and coffee as you can obviously see lol but the posts that really catch my eye are posts about studying, journaling and other posts about school and organization. Hope you all enjoy this article and are encouraged to make one yourself!

1. The first special need I have in my school bag is my pencils and notebook paper. Taking notes is very important to me, I am a visual, auditory, and tactile learner. :) Color pens and pencils is a must, I mean who doesn't like colorful notes? (If you have the time for it) What is your learning style?

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2. The second special need in my school bag is my laptop. I am in medical school and all the books I have are called E-Books (Electronic Books). I honestly prefer actual textbooks but what can I do, I can get textbooks but it'll have to come out of my pocket lol That's alright I still love books either way!
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3. The third special need in my school bag is my school ID, stethoscope, hair scrunchies, hand sanitizer, and a soft sweater or jacket cause it can get super cold in my classroom! (Because my lab coat doesn't keep me warm :D)
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4. Last but not least snacks and my lunchbox! I love packing healthy lunches, meal prep isn't something that I do all the time but I love to get ideas from youtubers. Healthy lunch and yummy snacks is good to keep the brain up and running! Do not go to school on an empty stomach or you'll end up being grumpy and bloated.

This is all the stuff I usually have in my backpack when I go to school, I hope you all enjoyed. Stay in school and stay safe, don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do anything with your life because believe me you can. God bless you all and remember everything is meaningless. - Sophia