Hello people!

So today has been a rough day. I have got a horrible and nasty migraine going on and it hasn't leave for the past three hours...now that I remember I haven't taken any painkillers. Fact: I am dumb. Future me: I took one!

On the other hand I finished MINDHUNTER and I just can't wait for the next season omg, it leaves you in cliffhanger. And I also finished ELITE which is a Spanish Netflix Original and they just released the second season, I saw it in less than two days.

I think it is fair enough to say that all this time looking at my computer in the middle of the night has fucked up my head a little and that is why it hurts. Oh and random thing, Ale (my friend from French) came over my house to ask for my French notebook since he likes my notes. That was sweet.

Day 26: How would your favorite season be if it was a person?

Sad news: we don't have season in the country I am from. I am not sure if that is a cool thing about the tropic or a bad one. We have two periods: Rain Season and Drought Season. That's it, but at least we are constant with a 24 degrees summer-y temperatures.

My favorite season is Fall. Extremely cliché, I know, but it is just the perfect time of the year. Not too cold but enough to wear sweaters every day, pumpkin spice lattes are found everywhere and I appreciate that kind of detail, school is starting just around the corner, Inktober starts on Instagram, and Halloween parties are on the making! It is just such a good time of the year.

So today I have to describe this concept of how would Fall look if they were a human!

Gender: For me Spring and Summer are girls, Winter is a dude, and honestly I have never thought of Fall. Lets make him a boy because then we will have two and two.

Appearance: He would be a dark colored skin guy with freckles scattered all around his face. Fall would have curly hair but he would keep it low-trimmed. His eyes would be bright caramel-yellow which would draw attention to his thick eyebrows. He would be very tall, about 6'2 ft, and broad making his hugs the best ones out there.

boy, handsome, and Hot image autumn, tree, and yellow image coffee, aesthetic, and book image boy, eyes, and aesthetic image

Personality: Always happy. He is very positive and loves changes. He is calm and easy going, slow but always steady, and optimistic. He loves taking care of the people he loves and is never reckless in the way he treats others. He is more on the introvert side and he would definitely choose to go out to a coffee shop with you rather than to a party.

boy, smile, and guy image beige, aesthetic, and alternative image quotes, Letter, and grunge image Temporarily removed

Likes: Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. But honestly that is old news. Fall would absolutely love to read by his window and see the grey and orange tones in the street down his house. He loves horror movies and this is the perfect season for them since he is warming up for Halloween. Fall absolutely loves philosophy so he studies that aside from majoring in law.

boy, harvard, and clothes image Temporarily removed book, coffee, and study image autumn, Halloween, and pumpkin image

So there you got him! Fall Autumnal in his full persona.

boy, handsome, and Hot image

Well I guess that's it!
Hope you liked my article and have a nice day!
Stay green xx

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