Hey guys... I've been watching a lot of tv shows and also movie and just wanted to share a few that I like.


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I just recently watched this movie and I loved it. The characters are very funny:)


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This tv show is really good. It's about teens being rebellious. Season 2 is my favorite so far.


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If you haven't heard about Euphoria or haven't watched it, I highly recommend you to watch it. It talks about struggles that teens face on the daily.

Isn't it romantic

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This is kind of a random movie that I thought was cute to put into this article.

Rick and Morty

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This is also kind of random but this tv show is very funny. I don't if been into adult cartoons lately.

Better Things

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I think I might have talked about this show before but it's amazing and so relatable. Highly recommend.

Thanks for reading... I hope you check out any of these shows!