I grew up in the 2000s listening to rock music and I can say something if I had to be an expert in something... that would be 2000's, rock bands. The Tumblr era, sad songs and emo hours... love songs and a bunch of teenagers trying to understand themselves, this is 2000s rock bands for you! Let go!


wonderwall, love, and oasis image
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My favorite songs: wonderwall, don't look back in anger, stop crying your heart out


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My favorite songs: uprising, starlight

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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My favorite songs: dani california, under the bridge, and californication


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My favorite songs: you and me, everything


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My favorite songs: with arms wide open and my sacrifice

Kings of Leon

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My favorite songs: use somebody, sex on fire and closer

Gun's n Roses

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My favorite songs: don't cry, november rain and sweet child o' mine


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My favorite songs: Paradise, yellow and fix you


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evanescence and everybody's fool image
My favorite songs: call me when you're sober, everybody's fool and bring me to life

30 Seconds To Mars

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My favorite songs: Closer to the edge, do or die, kings and queens

Foo Fighters

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aesthetic, grunge, and pale image
My favorite songs: Best of you, Times Like These, learn to fly and the pretender

Green Day

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My favorite songs: wake me up when September ends and boulevard of broken dreams

Linkin Park

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My favorite songs: breaking the habit, numb and in the end


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My favorite songs: the only exception, decode and brick by boring brick
Who else feels nostalgic? just me? well... I can tell you that after writing this article I'll go on a 90s and 00s music binge. These bands were all part of my childhood even though I was born in 2000. They shaped my adolescence and were the soundtrack of my teenage years. I'll forever treasure these songs and the moments that made them forever stay in our memories.