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♡ Musical instrument you wish you could play?

The piano!!

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♡ What book are you reading right now?

A Dance With Dragons.

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♡ Favourite movie series?

I actually really dislike movie series. I don't know why. I prefer TV series so much more. For example, I tried watching the Marvel movies but I really couldn't get into them. I just don't like them at all. But I love the Marvel TV shows SO MUCH! Same thing goes for the Star Wars movies: don't like them. The shows, however, ARE AMAZING. But I guess my favorite movie series is Harry Potter!! The only exception to the rule.

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♡ Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts?

Harry Potter!!!!!

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♡ Hogwarts House?

Hufflepuff babey!

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♡ 80s or 90s?


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no idea if the 2nd pic is from the 90s lolz

♡ Favourite Band?

Fall Out Boy.

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♡ Heels or Sneakers?


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♡ Mood right now?

Happy :D I don't have school tomorrow, yas.

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some of my favorite pictures

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