Hello my lovelies! With school just around the corner, and stress levels starting to stir, I've compiled some of my favorite YouTube Channels that can help distract your from your worries. Enjoy!

TMarTn2 || Super Cooper Sunday

TMarTn is mostly known for it's gaming videos but every Sunday there is a 10-15 minute vlog of him doing some fun activities with his dog Cooper! It's family friendly and always makes me smile. If you really enjoy the series, they also have a channel called SuperCooper that updates every Wednesday as well. Here are some of their videos:

Daily Dose of Internet

This channel is so underrated. As the channel name suggests, each of his videos is a compilation of some fun, quirky and interesting stuff that is happening around the world. It's short, straight to the point, and never clickbait. Honestly, I learned so much from this channel that it's uncanny. Here are some of their videos:

I think that's all for now. I might make a part two if I have the time. Feel free to message me. :)