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dream of you- mxmtoon
Left For Denver- The Lumineers
Dead Wrong- The Regrettes
Charlie- Mallrat
Circle- Post Malone

post malone, yellow, and posty image

Every Flower I See- Young Guv
Home- Devarrow
I Don't Wanna Be Nothin'- Verzache
Love Fades- Dave Monks
Middle of Somewhere- The Neighbourhood

girl, grunge, and music image

Your Girlfriend- Blossoms
Lavish Living- Carey St
The Summer- Freedom Fry
Skin Game- DIIV
Call Me Out- Sea Girls

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Norman fucking Rockwell- Lana Del Rey
Doing To Me- Astrid S
Doin' Time- Lana Del Rey
Sunkissed- khai dreams
goodbye- gabriel black

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sex- EDEN
Girlfriends- The Academic
Double Knot- Mikkid
Loving You- The Darling Suns
Stupid- Brendan Maclean

music, record, and vintage image

Naked & Lonely- stupid rich kid, Postcard boy
Spinster Cycle- Ragamuffs
Grace- Surfaces
New Ways to Miss You- Comfort Club
bad idea!- girl in red

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Real Estate- Adam Melchor
Coming Around- Major Murphy
Cycles- Worn-Tin
We Built This City- Starship

piano, Mozart, and music image

Wheels on the Bus- Melanie Martinez
Strawberry Shortcake- Melanie Martinez
Detention- Melanie Martinez
High School Sweethearts- Melanie Martinez
The Ongoing Speculation Into the Death of Rock and Roll- The Glorious Sons

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