hiyaaa im back with a very random article. I thought it would be fun to answer some random as questions. I hope you´re gonna like it!!

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1. What is your idea of your dream date?

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I think the most romantic date night would be if you cook a dinner together and then go out for a walk and then maybe watch a movie ;)

2. What is the first thing you wash in the shower?

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my hair.

3. What are you craving right now?

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dont tryna sound desperate but a boyfriend and a hug.

4. What are your favourite social network?

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probably instagram right now.

5. Which bag do you want the most?

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like small and cute handbags.

6. What shoes do you like the most?

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in love with all kinds of sneakers but can only afford white nike air force.

7. My best hair style?

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in a bun or having it down (having natural curly hair).

8. What grade are you in?

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grade 13th, graduate next year. (!!!!!)

9. What are your favourite colours on your nails?

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like nude-brown-grey-purple-pink colours, a mix.

10. Do you plan outfits?

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yes i do.

11. Do you bite or lick your ice cream?

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first lick then bite.

12. Have you ever met a celebrity?

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yes shawn mendes in 2016.

13: How many contries have you been too?

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i have been to england, the us, spain, italy, greece, france, estonia, netherlands, poland, slovakia, denmark, norway, finland, germany, austria, south africa, so 16 countries.

14. Are you sarcastic?

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ehm guess?

15. Did you meet anybody new today?

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no not really, i stayed home from school hehe.

16. Have you ever made a prank call?

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ye unfortunately. my teacher in 6th grade and he asked the whole class after the summer break who it was.

17. Do you rent movies often?

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no sadly. there´s netflix now:(

18. Day or night?

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im a night owl.

there it is!! now we are back to reality again. i hope this was interesting AND stay tuned for some more music. thanks for 10k followers<33 cya