Name : Catherine (never call her Cate)
Alias : Achilles
Age : 25 when she founded her school, 27 when she first met Magneto


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Her hair caught Erik's attention, she was always moving so it made her look like a floating flame.


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She is stronger than she looks. Fiercly protective of her loved ones. She was abused by her father when she was a child, one of his abuse revealed her mutation.


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She can produce force fields (also known as energy shields) around herself. Her shields allow her to remain untouched and unharmed, if anyone went to touch one of her shield they would be projected away. They also protect her from psychic attacks and mental manipulation.


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After hearing about Charles Xavier's school in America she decided to open one in France to help european mutants.

Love interest/relationship

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She had a thing with Magneto when he came to France to see her school. He came by several more times for longer and longer stays before never coming back. She got pregnant with their child on his last visit. She intends to call him to tell him that it's a girl, not knowing that he is kept at the Pentagone.

Secret wish

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She hopes that Erik will want to stay with her to raise their daughter in a school where she belongs.