I wake up at 7:00 am , drink water , i make my bed then i workout ( not everyday)

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I take a shower , i prepare my breakfast ( Moroccan tea , brown baguette with fromage and olive oil ) then i wear my clothes i put my makeup ,i pack my bag and go to university

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Starts at 12:00 i out at 10:00 , i take the bus and the tramway , i out from university at 18:00 and i see my boyfriend , we go to cafe or restaurant sometimes the cinema or a Souq ( bab lhad )

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After school

when i get home i eat anything , i don't have a special meal , then i talk with my mom about everything , and then i go up to my room , wear my pijama , remove my makeup and then homework time

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Night routine

i take a fast shower , tidy up my room , talk to my boyfriend , listen to ASMR , and then i fall asleep

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