Muslim women are ONLY seen as revolutionaries and “free from oppression” if they take off their hijaab and denounce their ties to Islam.

Western media will NEVER portray Muslim women of faith on their platform who wear the hijaab with pride and follow Islam staunchly.

Please stop seeking validation and “representation” from Western media outlets. They only like you when they can use you as a puppet to further push their Islamophobic agendas and rhetorics. They only ACCEPT you because you denounced the very faith they hate.

According to Western media, you’re only free and “progressive” if you: take off your hijaab, denounce your faith, dress less modestly, start drinking and so on... They will never accept or endorse an unapologetic Muslim woman who takes pride in her faith.

There is a very good reason as to why you never see Muslims who practice Islam on the television or in magazines. It is always Muslims that do everything except the things that Muslims are told to do and follow.

Actually, let me add one more thing... Why is it that dressing less is seen as a revolutionary act that perpetuates this “freedom” notion, whereas if a woman CHOOSES to wear the hijaab, jilbaab, burqa or even niqaab, she’s just a brainwashed simpleton?

allah, arabic, and art image
allah, arabic, and art image

A believer is ever mindful of Allah/God. Therefore, he/she is not free to do what they please. That is why this world feels like a prison to them. On the other hand, a person who is not mindful of Allah/God, does whatever they feel like, or whatever they think they can get away with. There are indeed many things that can be enjoyed in this world. A person who is not looking forward to meeting their Lord, would spend their every moment trying to maximize their enjoyment here, short-lived though it is. Thus, the non-believer can find this world to be a Paradise. But the believer knows that no happiness here is everlasting and that they are always in danger of falling into the hands of Satan. They, therefore, long to get out of the exam that this world is and into the safety of the grave.

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Allah knows best.