Hello everyone, yesterday I was thinking about re-watching my favorite anime as in the title 'Ao no exorcist' aka 'Blue exorcist' and the ideas was there, make an article for this gorgeous piece, so here we go.

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Name: Bรกrbara Angel | meaning: derived from Greek โ€˜barbarosโ€™ thatโ€™s "foreign"
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Alias: Ryu (alias by Arthur), The physic, Dumb girl(alias by Bon)
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Quote: โ€œAnd who asures me security? I can protect myself, thank youโ€
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Race: Human
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Birthday: December 25, was a cold day


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Normal aspect; short and brown hair, brown eyes, a little pale skin with a tattoo
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Physic aspect (this appear when she woke up her powers); albin, tan skin and golden eyes
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Personality: sarcastic, generous, sincere, helpful, competitive, fair, respectfull, honest
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Affiliation: True Cross Order
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Class: Exwire
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Weapon: gun and katana's (she used more the gun)
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Partner: is a wolf with dragon wings, considered a mythical creature she founds him in a forest. the nature form that he shows is a ordinary wolf

Meister & Abilities:

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meister; dragoon and tamer.
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abilities; clairvoyance, palm and tarot reading, enhanced senses, intuition, spectral awareness(hears voices)

History(resume): Bรกrbara knows about her powers in a young age when she had a accident in the streets of her home place. Literally a car run over her. After that, her mother decided to send her every day to therapy and at the same time, she took her with a psychologist to 'solved' the problem of hearing voices, all the stuff she knew was a gift from God.

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Until that day, she works in secret like a 'physic' in the downtown city.
She decided to traveled to Japan when she founds out that her parent isn't really.

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She arrived in Japan and flashbacks came to her mind, remember some special people from her infancy.

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she gets away with all, but three person leave a mark in her; Arthur always protect her same as Shiro, Shura taught her the use of weapons. Her best friend is Shiemi.
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Bรกrbara things that Yukio and her have so much in common but she always deny that have a crush on Rin.

This is the end of the article:( sorry i didn't add many things, I'm thinking to make a second part, let me know if you want it. Thank you so much for your attention, hasta la prรณximaโ™ฅ

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